How To Sell A House By Owner In Texas (And get top dollar)

How does for sale by owner work in Texas? Selling a home “for sale by owner” (FSBO) implies selling a home without the assistance of a broker. Selling FSBO may save sellers money on hefty listing commission fees, but the process is time-consuming and complex. It’s also possible to list your home for less than it’s worth; therefore, wisely pricing your home is essential.

Homeowners in Texas thinking about selling their houses on their own should be aware that the process can take considerable time. As with promoting your house, preparing for a sale requires a lot of effort and a lot of money.

On the other hand, selling your house in Texas yourself boasts a lot of advantages including the lack of listing fees and control of the selling process.

A word of caution: selling your house by owner without a full-service agent might be difficult. You’ll be solely responsible for completing the lengthy paperwork required for a home sale. If you’re a seller, you may be taken aback by the sheer volume of paperwork for selling a house by owner in Texas, such as the statement of closing costs. 

Why Consider Selling Your House By Owner (FSBO)

It would be fair to claim that the Texas real estate market is growing based on the number of people searching for residences. When compared to the procedure in places like California or Florida, selling your property without the help of a realtor in Texas is a piece of cake. Still, a Texas home seller must know the procedures and paperwork involved in selling a property to a private buyer.

In the end, you’ll need to be on top of things to clinch the sale, and you may need expert aid. However, even if selling your home on your own might save you money, it isn’t the most popular option.

How To Sell A House By Owner In Texas

Get Your House Market Ready

You’ll want to make your home for sale as attractive as possible since buyers are leery of FSBO. The first step in an FSBO Texas home sale is to take an objective look at your property and be honest about what you need to repair, what problems you need to fix, and what improvements you may want to make.

Consider what potential buyers will see when they see your Texas home starting from your curb appeal. For buyers, things like a dripping roof or scuff scratches on the cabinetry might be a serious issue. When you’re trying to sell your home on the open market by yourself, every detail counts. Only after you’ve made a comprehensive list will you be able to determine what you need to fix.

If you have the ability to make fixes, do so. You’ll have an easier time selling a property on your own if it doesn’t have any significant issues. Consider the expenditures and whether or not you’ll be able to recuperate them when selling your house. It may not be worth it if you don’t believe you can justify the cost of the repair.

Analyze The Market

An overpriced home will sit on the local market for a long time, while someone looking for a good deal will snap up an underpriced home. See how much it costs per square foot in a similar home. Slightly under a round figure like $300,000 is better than just above.

Consider hiring a qualified appraiser if you want to sell your property. An appraisal is an objective evaluation of a property’s worth that a third-party appraiser conducts. If you’re selling your home, it’s critical that you appropriately represent its worth in ads.

An appraiser or a realtor may provide a comparative market analysis (CMA). You can create a Comparative Market Analysis using data from previously sold homes in your area. CMAs are sometimes offered for free by real estate brokers who seek to win your business while a professional appraiser thoroughly examines and estimates your house’s worth in an appraisal.

Get Good Photography

Consider installing a home office as part of your home staging. Because of the rise in popularity of remote work and homeschooling, a home office is becoming more desirable to prospective buyers.

How to sell a house by owner in Texas? Hire the services of a professional photographer to create an airy, well-lit image of your property once it is ready for showings.

Selling your home might be a lot easier if you have professional photos to show prospective buyers. Based on your location, a professional photographer will cost you anything between $200 and $350. Before engaging someone, look for their portfolio and previous customers’ feedback.

Listing Your Home

If you use an agent, they will list your property on the multiple listing service (MLS) database. Only licensed real estate agents have access to this site, which they use to discover potential properties to present to their customers. To sell a house without a realtor in Texas, you’ll have to pay a flat fee MLS provider to list your house.

You should list your property with an appealing listing description on as many websites as possible. In addition to Zillow and, there is a slew of different FSBO-focused websites and social media platforms, including Facebook and Craigslist. Then it’s time to plan a few open houses to allow prospective buyers to see the property up and personal.

Get Your Paperwork In Order

Documents Required For Sale

Two Forms Of ID

A notary public will likely be required to verify your identification throughout the closing procedure. You must provide identification such as a driver’s license or passport. You may also be required to provide secondary identification.

Copy Of Purchase Agreement

FSBO sellers should retain a real estate attorney to handle the purchase agreement and sales contract. If you’re the only seller, an attorney may assist you in avoiding errors and breaches that might invalidate the contract or put you at risk of being sued.

Closing Statement

The closing statement is a comprehensive breakdown of all expenses related to the transaction, including who is responsible for each one. Title companies and escrow agents are frequently the ones that put everything together for you.

Signed Deed

This document transfers the legal ownership of a property from the seller to the purchaser. If applicable, check the legal description of the home, the deed book page, and the Property Identification Number (PIN) before signing this paperwork.

Bill Of Sale

Information about the buyer and seller is included in the Bill Of Sale along with the listing price. 

Affidavit Of Title

Documents needed to sell a house in Texas, such as a name affidavit, a non-foreign affidavit, and others, will be required of a seller. Affidavits such as “Affidavit of Title,” which reveals that you are the legitimate homeowner and that there are no liens on the property, may also be included.

Other Documents

Loan Payoff Information

For a mortgage, you’ll need proof that you have paid back the loan amount. Otherwise, you’ll have to give an updated breakdown of your outstanding debt.

HOA Forms And Guidelines

The homeowner must provide the buyer with all the necessary information about any HOA limitations, fees, or other financial matters.

Survey Results

Property surveys are legal documents that verify the exact boundaries of your property. Having a copy of this document on hand is critical since it clarifies where the property lines begin and stop for the buyer. It’s common for the buyer to be in charge of conducting the survey, but having it beforehand can never hurt.

Home Inspection Results

It would be best if you compared the findings of your pre-sale inspection with the buyer’s. A copy of the buyer’s home inspection report should be sent to you prior to closing if stipulated in the sales contract.

Proof Of Repairs Or Renovations

Having all the invoices to prove that you’ve done repairs on the property is crucial. If you’re missing anything, get in touch with the firm that completed the job and request that they email you whatever paperwork they have. This applies to both extensive and minor repairs, such as repainting or pest control.

Home Warranty Information

Home warranty service agreements outline the property’s coverage, the time frame, and the related fees.

Closing Disclosure

This is documentation proving that the seller consented to the buyer’s demands. The lender receives the disclosure.


Seller’s Disclosure

A paper outlining any problems with the house’s various systems and appliances.

Flood Zone Statement

Lenders may require flood risk reports before issuing a loan to a buyer.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Per federal law, sellers must inform buyers of potential lead-based paint hazards, particularly for residences constructed before 1978. 

Tips For Selling Your Home By Owner

How to do a for sale by owner in Texas? When selling a home, the time it takes to find a buyer is just as critical as any other consideration. June is the most fantastic time to purchase or sell a house in Texas. In June, the yearly sale-to-list ratio is strong, and deals are closed significantly more swiftly than in other months of the year.

Another food for thought is that you’ll still be responsible for paying a buyer’s agent commission even if you don’t hire a local agent. As a result, even if the commission is halved, you’ll still be on the hook for some money.

FSBO transactions often wind up selling for less money than if they were handled by a real estate professional, to add insult to injury. That’s because real estate brokers have access to regulations, loopholes, and bargaining strategies that homeowners don’t have access to in the housing market.

Easier Than Selling By Owner

An FSBO sale may not be the best way for you if:

  1. You’re hoping to make a fast buck – When time is of the essence or a deadline is looming, FSBO may not be the best course of action. A house can be on the market for longer when the seller does not yet have a buyer. 
  2. When it comes to selling, you’re not sure you’ll be successful – You won’t have the benefit of a real estate agent’s advice on how to sell a house by owner in Texas, including getting the most terrific sale price or making your property more appealing.
  3. Your goal is to receive top dollar for your house – Data from the multiple listing service shows that FSBOs sell for 5.5% less than comparable homes.

There’s always the option of selling your property to a real estate investor if all of this seems too much work.

Instead of placing your property on the market and trying to sell it on your own, you may sell it to an investor like Assemble Houston, who will buy your house as-is. All you have to do is move and enjoy your new home. When it comes to foreclosure or tax lien difficulties, we’ll even make a reasonable offer.

Contact us and we’ll provide you with a no-risk quote as soon as we have all the necessary details. We may initiate the closing procedure within a few days if you accept. You won’t have to pay commissions or sell your property yourself to get the money you need to move on.

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